About us

About us

Forum for fire retardant treated wood (FBT) is run by Woodsafe Timber Protection AB with the aim of gathering relevant information about fire retardant treated wood for various operators within the industry. Another goal is to actively disseminate the information through the organization of events across the country that can contribute to education, discussion and the dissemination of knowledge on the subject.

Are you operating in the industry and have an area of expertise within the field of fire retardant treated wood that you want to share? In that case, you are welcome to contact us for further discussion.

Would you like to contribute images or other relevant information to the site? Maybe you find that there is some information missing, or want to know more? If so, please message us by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Finally, we do intend to inspire others through the Forum for fire retardant treated wood by showcasing various reference objects that are made with fire retardant treated wood.

By showing great product variety and innovation capacity from a design perspective while respecting aesthetic considerations and natural surroundings, we hope to inspire a broader use of wood in future projects.