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Durability - a vital part of satisfactory fire protection

The durability of the fire protection can be literally vital. If there is a shortage in durability, people live in false security.

Building more with wood is good for sustainability

Wood is a material with many environmental benefits.

Myths about fireproof wood

If not all involved parties (manufacturers, buyers, fire consultants, architects and builders) take their share of the responsibility for this, it

Important to choose the correct EXT approved products

It is very good that Heidi Finstad, CEO of Treindustrien, emphasizes the importance of requesting documentation of the durability of fire-protected

NBT spreads knowledge about fire-protected wood

It has become increasingly common to want to use exposed wood products. Either for aesthetic or climatic reasons.

Lack of persistence causes costs for the property owner

The picture shows a non-functional fire protection.

Proposal for modern rules for fire protection

A proposal to modernize building regulations within fire protection was presented this spring.

Lack of knowledge causes security problems

Knowledge about fire protection is often weak.