Importers and distributors

Importers and distributors

Importers and distributors

Anyone who buys goods within the EU internal market and resells them in a product chain with an end user, is a distributor.

You are a distributor if you buy goods from, for example, Germany, Norway, or Sweden to then sell them to retailers or end users.

You are an importer if you sell construction products under your own brand or company name; this makes you equated to a manufacturer which means that you have an obligation to provide a DoP for, and to CE mark, the products. You are required by law to establish agreements with accredited bodies and initiate type testing, manufacturing controls, quality systems, factory inspections and manufacturing processes etc.

Remember that this is your responsibility.

In order for you to sell construction products that are subject to a harmonized standard, they must be CE marked and there must be a Declaration of Performance. You should also ensure that there are instructions for use, safety information and, where necessary, chemical information on the product. However, as an importer, you should not provide any of this documentation yourself; it is the manufacturer who is responsible for their product and for the documentation that must follow with it.

You have an increased responsibility when selling under your own brand.

When you import construction products from third countries and resell them under your own name, you are considered a manufacturer under the Construction Products Regulation. This means that you yourself must provide a DoP for, and CE mark, these products. You also hold full responsibility for the production control being carried out according to the regulation and the current harmonized standard.

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